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Jonathan Lightman

A licensed attorney with over three decades in lobbying and nonprofit management, Jonathan Lightman is the principal of his own consulting business to assist nonprofit organizations and others.

Jonathan and his wife, Janis, have lived in Sacramento since 1988, in which he has been Chair of the Jewish Community Relations Council, President and Gabbai Rishon of Mosaic Law Congregation, and Producer/Host of his own weekly Jewish radio show, Chai Sierra. He has also served on or chaired several national committees for the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism. During COVID isolation, he developed two programs, The Beatles' Jewish Connection and Is Baseball the Jewish Sport?, which were enjoyed by communities across the country. 

A proud Ashkephard, Jonathan has spoken at nearly every synagogue in both Sacramento and Stockton, and has frequently delivered Divrei Torah at both Mosaic Law Congregation and Kenesset Israel Torah Center. He is grateful to be part of the Melton faculty. 

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