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Dr. Baryohay Davidoff

Baryohay Davidoff, PhD, is a member of Sacramento Jewish Community.


He is a retired agricultural engineer with a BS degree in Water and Soil Science from Rezaieh College of Agriculture (Iran), an MS degree from UC Davis (California), and a Ph.D. From Utah State University. His professional work has taken him to Israel, Louisiana State University, University of Nebraska (Lincoln), and for over 24 years at the California Department of Water Resources in the field of resource management and efficiency. Baryohay’s interest and passion for teaching and learning mathematics, religion, Judaism, Islam, Jewish and Islamic history, philosophy and languages goes back over six decades.


He and  his wife, Tamara, live in Sacramento and their three children and eight grandchildren live in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Baryohay is proficient in Aramaic, Farsi, Hebrew, English, French and Arabic.

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