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                                              Mehrnaz Halimi, Director

                                              Melton Sacramento



Mehrnaz Halimi has inspired a love of Jewish learning among people of all ages in several Jewish communities. Born and raised in a large Jewish family in Tehran, Iran, Mehrnaz attended a Jewish day school, Otzar HaTorah, from first grade through high school graduation.


After high school, Mehrnaz moved to Northern California to pursue her education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at California State University, Sacramento. She worked for decades as the Chief Financial Officer of several companies, all the while continuing to follow her passion for teaching Hebrew and encouraging Jewish learning whenever possible, including as an administrator of a religious school.


Mehrnaz has served on the boards of several non-profits including as president of the KOH Library and Cultural Center in Sacramento, California. Her primary goal as Director of the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning for the Pacific Northwest is helping ignite that passion for Jewish learning in newcomers and seasoned students alike. In doing so, and in making Jewish learning available to all who seek it, she hopes to nurture individual spiritual growth and strengthen the Sacramento Jewish community and bring learners from across the globe to the Pacific Northwest Melton.


As we go through the rebranding process from Melton Sacramento to Melton Pacific Northwest, we want to acknowledge and thank, Congregation Beth Shalom in Carmichael, for continuing to serve as our supporting agency. We are extremely grateful for their support and assistance. 

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